AAA insurance " Creative brief"

AAA insurance " Creative brief"

Write a creative brief about AAA Insurance
please be specific like target audience : male and female from 18 to 50….etc

Requirement: answer these questions and be specific please..

The advertising campaign for AAA will speak to ___who?____________________________

Hint: Identify who the target audience is specifically. Think in simple terms
like “working moms with young kids/” Don’t say things like “all people.”

and convince them to buy a specific type of AAA insurance because ___?____________________
(What is the reason why or the point of your ads. )

Then comes “support” or “why should I believe”
Tell me why your audience will believe your key message above.
List the reasons that will appear in your advertising below.

Then tell me the tone or brand personality of your ads?

The above elements make up a creative strategy.