Criminal Justice assignment

Criminal Justice assignment

Criminal Justice



David, I agree with you, there are clear differences between the gangs of the past and the contemporary gangs. Today, the gang problem has risen as the number of gangs in the country increases. The availability of firearms also contributes to the difference between the past gangs and the current gangs (Valdez, 2009). The contemporary gangs are also more involved in criminal activities such as human trafficking, drug trafficking among other activities. I also agree with the fact that the way of thinking of the modern gangs is also changing. The gang members believe that violence is the only way to gain respect.


Justin, I like your response, population growth in the urban cities has also contributed to the emergence of gangs in other areas.  Initially, gangs appeared to be problems connected to major cities. However, today gangs have also moved to places where they were not reported before. Additionally, the changing image of the gangs is also caused by the changing economy (Valdez, 2009). The rate of unemployment in the major cities has resulted in the increase in the number of gangs. Many idle youths are opting to join in drug trafficking as they believe it is the easiest way to make money. On the other hand, most of the criminal gangs are sponsored by the drug trafficking business.


The society links women with innocence, and although the issue of women in gangs is not new, many people believe that gangs are entirely male populated. Search for an identity is one of the issues that contribute to women interest in gangs. They need group support and togetherness that they believe could be found in gangs (Valdez, 2009). Additionally, some of the women come from broken homes; hence, they conclude that gangs would provide a family that they never had. They feel a sense of unity from the gangs a thing that they could not get from their families. Moreover, women join gangs due to the economic needs. They view gangs as a way of survival especially through selling drugs.


Corey, I agree with you, male gang members are involved in many criminal activities. Nevertheless, one cannot deny the fact that the rate of women in gangs has risen. The need for protection is one of the factors that have contributed to the increased number of women in gangs. Many women in the gang-populated neighborhoods feel that they need to join gangs for protection (Valdez, 2009). Also, poverty has contributed to the risen cases of women in the gangs. Most of the gangs are involved in the sale of illegal drugs which offers vulnerable women easy money. Women are expected to take up male-associated roles to survive the gang life.


The American system is clearly different from the African Criminal system. The existence of bonds is a typical norm in Africa. Individuals have the right to raise bond, however, in some cases, someone can be denied bond. On the other hand, the American Criminal justice system has come up with counter-terrorism strategies that assist them in handling terrorism cases. The strategies include working with other nations to fight the cases of terrorists (Dammer & Albanese, 2013). They believe that for the process to be successful, they have to have the public confidence. The African countries also work towards the eradication of terrorism; however, their approach may appear more brutal compared to the American approach.


Jaqe I like your response as you have offered detailed explanations. From the response, it is clear that the American Criminal Justice System is different from the Australian system. In Australia the law enforcement authorities have the right to perform searches without a written warrant. Nevertheless, the American system does not allow unreasonable searches, the law enforcement officers need to have a written warrant to conduct a search. The Australian law enforcement officers believe that the guilty should be punished, and there is no acquittal (Marcus, 2010). The court can hold a retrial if it finds additional evidence incriminating an acquitted person.


Michael, I like that you have referenced the State of Maryland Versus Ceasar Goodson Jr. case. The case involved the death of Freddie Gray who died after sustaining injuries while being transported to the Western District Police. The case brought about many questions regarding the American criminal justice system. Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. was the second officer acquitted in the case involving the death of Freddie Gray (Fenton & Rector, 2016). The court’s verdict attracted mixed reactions as many demonstrators felt that Gray was not offered the justice he required. Some of the protestors argued that the judge’s decision showed flaws in the American Criminal Justice system (Bidgood & Stolberg, 2016). Although evidence was presented, the judge maintained that it was not enough to warrant the prosecution of the defendant. The case represents many other cases involving police abuse in the United States. Currently, the media is filled with cases concerning police brutality where in many instances the culprits have been acquitted due to lack of enough evidence. 


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