Cross Cultural Differences

Cross Cultural Differences

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Essay: Cross Cultural Differences


Assessment item 2

Essay: Cross Cultural Differences

Length: 1500 words (+/-10%)


It has been argued that the same HR practices may not produce the same results in different cultural contexts. Based on this idea, choose TWO of the following HR practices and explain how cultural differences may have an impact.

Performance appraisal

Recruitment and selection

Occupational Health and Safety

Career management

Staff induction

Support your discussion with at least 10 academic references. Additionally, you may use examples, newspapers articles, company reports, and cases to support your answer.


The aim of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of challenges companies face in the realm of International HRM. This essay also enables you to apply the knowledge and skills you gain in the subject to real life issues in the work environment. When preparing this Essay, we hope that you will be able to:

compare and contrast approaches to international human resource management practice,

reflect, contrast and critically evaluate the differences and similarities in human resource management practices among different cultures,

examine and justify criteria for selecting, preparing, managing and repatriating international managers.

Marking criteria


It is assumed that you are familiar with the conventions of academic essay writing. For guidance, you can get help from

In terms of requirement specific to this subject, you should:

Include a title page that shows the subject code and name, your name and student number, the assignment title and number. Please include the total word count in the cover page. The word count includes everything other than the cover page and the reference list. It includes in-text citations and text included in images.

Include a header showing the subject code, assignment number, your name and student number as well as page number.

Use 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, justify pagination.

Do not use footnotes or Endnotes.

Appendices may be used but note that an appendix should contain only supplementary stand-alone information that is not core to the paper. Information in appendices will not be assessed.

In-text citations and a reference list must be provided using APA style of referencing.

Upload a Word document to TURNITIN. Do not upload pdf or rtf or Pages files.

Marks will be reduced for failure to follow presentation requirements.


As per the CSU Referencing Policy, proper referencing is required for each task. Please use the APA referencing format, which can be found at

You are required to use Turnitin to check for plagiarism ( in your assessments before submission. Please provide the screen shot of your Turnitin similarity report when you submit Assessment 2. This page should be included at the very end of the essay.

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