Task 1

Business Idea

Our business is DEVKI Heavy Transportation Company, it deals with the transportation, lifting and handling heavy materials. We are a company that offers our clients specialists’ services that deal with transportation of heavy materials. Our purpose is to ensure that we make your moving experience easy and fun. We are geared towards transforming the transportation industry by offering unique and effective services to our clients. The company is located in the United Kingdom. 

The organization is going to operate as a private company. It will control its fleet of trucks. It will mainly be involved in offering moving services. However, it will also diversify its operations to include other transportation services. For instance, the organization will also partner with some organizations involved in delivery services such as Amazon.  It will as well partner with construction organizations whereby; it will participate in the transportation of building materials. The company will be engaged in the transportation of heavy goods. Additionally, the company will extend to the import and export services. It will also participate in the delivery of art items, containers as well as dangerous goods.

The company is geared towards changing the transportation industry. The organization has introduced an app that will allow its client have an easy time locating a moving truck. At times individuals want to move on the same day or the weekend and the trucks can be fully booked. However, the App is a moving service technology that will allow the clients locate a nearby moving truck, book it and move the goods to the destination with minimal problem. The app can be accessed through the phone, and this will offer people an opportunity to move to a tight schedule. The business is a good idea as it will bring changes in the industry.

We have embraced the use of innovative methods so as to ensure that we offer our clients quality services. We use high quality furniture pads to ensure that you furniture are protected from scratches and damage. The company also utilizes specialized pads that are fitted on the doors and entry ways to ensure that your home is not damaged during the moving process (Matthew, 2011). Some of our products include bubble wrap that ensures that items are protected. We have different packaging boxes to accommodate different home accessories.   

We understand that every move is unique; we offer our clients customized transportation services. We personalize the services to meet your needs and requests. Our services are affordable to the United Kindgdom’s entire population. We utilize paper moving blankets that are environmentally friendly. The paper moving blankets are made of two outer layers of brown kraft. The papers are also made up of three inner layers of light weight paper. The inner layers are filled with non-woven papers. The paper moving blankets are 100% recyclable which makes them a good option. We use both blanket newsprint and bubble wrap as cushioning materials. Other materials that we use include plastic covers that are used to cover your furniture. We care about our clients’ hygiene, therefore, we opt to cover the furniture with the plastic covers before using the wrapping blankets.

Our physical store is located in Bristol which is among the leading business cities in the United Kingdom. It also has huge high employment rate with high number of commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, it is a good business base for our company and it also gives us a chance to communicate with many clients.  We also have a website where we include the company’s information, the materials used and also book for our services.


The main competition in the transport sector is mainly linked to service delivery. Some companies have been able to invest in huge fleet of vehicles to assist in offering their clients excellent services (Matthew, 2010). They have also invested in innovative devices such as tracking devices to enhance their services.  

IJ McGill Transport LimitedInnovative trucks that enables the company to offer quality services to their clients The trucks are fitted with Tough track Asset location device which allows it to offer their clients great services.
Bristol Couriers- City Quick LogisticsCovers a big area due to its huge number of transport vehicles and convenient base location. Handle all types of materials


To offer relocation services that will assist in attracting new clients. Most clients are worried about their items during the moving process, therefore, as MacMillan heavy Transportation Company will be dedicated to offering our clients top-notch services. In this case, we will use quality transportation products that will assist it attaining its goals.

To offer our clients affordable services to our clients, individuals are always sensitive when it comes to price. Sometimes clients tend to link price and the quality of services. In this case, when we go high they may feel that it is exaggerated. On the other hand, when we go too low with our prices the clients may relate it with poor services. In this case, we will try to have a standard price that will help in attracting and retaining clients.

To offer relocation services that fit all different types of clients. We will offer our clients personalized services to match our clients’ needs. This will allow us to reach as many clients as possible which enable us to expand our business.  

To offer integrate the use of technology within our company to improve our service delivery. We plan to embrace the use of technology in all the sectors. For instance, invest in the latest tracking devices that will help in tracking the transportation tracks.

The most suitable type of ownership for business is partnership. As a partnership business it will be able to run the business as there is no involvement of the shareholder. It will also be easy for the business owners to come up with solutions pertaining different issues without outside interference (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2013). There are also fewer regulations which make it to manage the business. Additionally, it will be easy to raise the funds needed to run the company (Hillman & Loewenstein, 2015). The transportation industry in the UK is quite competitive and availability of funds will assist the company in improving its services so as to gain competitive advantage.

Task 2

PESTLE Analysis

Political factors

Government’s policy is one of the political factors that would impact the company’s business operations. The UK government has introduced a policy that is meant to control the CO2 emissions (RYLEY & CHAPMAN, 2012). The state signed the Kyoto Protocol which is a global treatment that is meant to ensure that they minimize the emission of dangerous gases (Matthew, 2010). The policy affects the entire transportation sector.  In its policy the government has introduced a climate change strategy that controls the actions of the transport companies.

Change in regulations is another factor that may affect the company’s operations. The UK government may introduce strict regulations that would have negative impact on the company (RYLEY & CHAPMAN, 2012). The company would be required to follow regulations that would enable them to become more liable.

Additionally, political stability would have major impact on the company. For instance, abrupt change of the government would cause general disorder which would affect the company’s operations.

Economic factors

Taxation is one of the economic factors that may have an impact on the company’s operations. High fuel taxation would have major impact on the transportation company. In this case, the company would be forced to change to more economical vehicles. They may also be forced to switch to other transportation methods. However, this may not be possible for the Heavy transportation company as it uses road as it major form of transportation.

Fulfilling the growing demand is another economic factor.  Clients want quality services and companies to ensure that they get what they want. They need to be assured that their goods are safe. The company needs to employ qualified workers. They also need to embrace the use of technology to assure clients the safety of their products.

Higher interest rates may also affect the company’s operations. It may be difficult for the organization to invest as the cost of borrowing increases. 

Social Factors

The main social factor within the organization is to create a base of wellbeing for its members and their families and community. The company has to ensure that it meets its employee’s interests so as to motivate them in working towards achieving its goals.

The demand of the company’s service would also impact its operations. The company would be required to ensure that its services satisfy the increasing number of clients. In this case, it may be required to add the number of transportation trucks.

The individual’s willingness to work would also impact the company’s operations. The number of old people in the United Kingdom is highly increasing. In this case, the company may find it difficult to find young and vibrant workers to handle the moving tasks.


The increase in number of cybercrimes would have high impact on the organization. The company incorporates the use of online services which means that their clients need to feed their personal information when making their orders. This means that the hackers would access their information and use them for crime and this would affect the company’s reputation.

The use of innovative technological devices would help the organization in improving its services. The company would introduce the new tracking devices that would help in monitoring their tracks.

Increased internet connectivity would increase competition as many companies are able to invest in online business. It is easy for organizations to put up an online company and this has led to an increase in moving companies. The companies can partner with other transportation companies and offer their services to clients.

Legal Factors

New transportation laws may have an impact on the transportation company. The government can introduce new laws to control the amount of load that a single truck can carry. In some cases, the organization may be forced to minimize the number of loads and if it does not have enough trucks it may need to outsource for services which may affect its profits.

Consumer laws may also affect the company’s operations. Strict consumer laws would affect the customer demand which may affect the organization’s operations.

Fraud laws would also affect the company’s operations. They would assist the company in making its business operations safe, thus enhancing its services. This would help in increasing demand for its services.

Environmental Factors

The change of weather is one of the environmental factors that would affect the company’s operations. Heavy rains may have major impact as it would affect the transportation process (Ryley & Chapman, 2012).    

There is also a growing need for the protection of the environment. The transportation companies are required to adjust their operations so as to protect the environment. Such changes may be costly to the organization.

Task 3

DEVKI Heavy Transport Company is a new company in the transportation sector. Launching our company is one of the most public events that organizations hold. It is a chance to introduce the latest and greatest innovations and ideas that a company brings in the market. DEVKI heavy transport company is introducing an innovation in the transportation sector. The company is focused on changing the industry and making it environmentally friendly. In the particular instance, the company is mainly dealing with moving families from one home to another. It is also working with the corporate sector. It will help organizations to move from one office to another.

Our launch event will include both corporate and homeowners. We plan to hold a business event where we will have a business presentation. The event is planned to introduce our environmentally friendly transportation services to the people of Bristol. The event will be held at one of the Bristol’s innovative hub Engine Shed. The place offers a creative atmosphere; hence, it is the most appropriate place to hold our launch event. The meeting will be held at the Brunel’s Boardroom suite as it offers enough space for our event. The event will include twenty people from different companies as well as homeowners. There will be an equal number of those invited from the corporate sector and homeowners. The particular launch will have a business theme with minimal glamor. There is no need to have so many glamors as it is a formal business meeting. Those attending will be offered two-course dinner that includes a main dish and a desert. The meeting will be held at night, and because the visitors will be forced to skip dinner with their family, we will ensure that we include food in the launch event. Meeting the individuals in the corporate sector and homeowners will allow us to introduce the business personally to our target market. It will also be easy for us to meet the people as we will have an opportunity to answer their questions on a one-on-one basis. They will also have an opportunity to offer their opinions concerning our services.  

Our company’s objective is to provide our client the best services. Therefore, the event will allow us to understand what our customers want and view the potential of our company from our clients’ perspective.

We need a flexible and innovative platform to grow our business and sell our idea. Our company is focused towards environmental protection as well as offering our clients the best services. We will have a business presentation that will highlight how we intend to achieve our goal. Two speakers will be chosen to take the clients through our company’s background and what we intend to achieve. 


DescriptionCost £
Venue Rental240.00
Serving Items 250.00

Food costs based on an average of £20 per head for a two course meal (MailOnline, 2015).

The rent of the venue is based on £ 60 per hour and the organization is going to use the venue for four hours (Make a booking, n.d.)

Task 4

Marketing objectives

The transport industry in the UK is constantly changing as many organizations are exploring new areas. Some of the factors triggering the change include the growing UK population. The increase in population is putting pressure on the industry as they are required to expand to other areas of mobility. Heavy Transportation Company is dedicated towards offering the clients improved moving services as well meeting the growing demand. Our company deals with both commercial and residential relocations, therefore, we are dedicated to offering our clients great relocation experience. We will incorporate the use of quality materials so as to ensure that our clients’ furniture is well protected.  Some of the products that we will use include paper moving blankets that are 100% environmentally friendly. We want our clients’ to enjoy the moving experience as well as a healthy life. We also mind about our clients’ home and we ensure that we use specialized pads that help in safeguarding our clients’ homes so that they are not scratched or damaged.  Our clients are our priority and we plan to continue improving our services.

We also focused on offering our clients a great moving experience. The company understands that every client has unique needs; hence, we have customized our services to meet all their needs. Our target market includes families that plan to move from one place to another. Therefore, with the high population of Bristol we plan to incorporate the use of technology so as to reach our target market. The use of website will also allow our company to expand to different areas in Bristol. This will allow us to enhance our competitive advantage. We are determined to change the transportation market by offering our clients improved and innovative services. We also plan to offer our clients affordable services to our range of clients.

Target Market

Our target markets are families moving from one house to another. We plan to assist them in packaging, disassembling and assembling of the furniture where required. We also plan to offer our clients unpacking services as an extra benefit. Bristol is among the business hubs in the United Kingdom and this has contributed to high population. The employment rate is high and many people are settling in the area. There are many families moving from one house to another and they need bigger houses. People have increased demands and in most cases the house furniture can be sensitive to scratches. Therefore, we have introduced protective moving bags that ensure that our clients’ furniture are not scratched or damaged. The commercial sector in UK is also changing and this means that there is an increase in demand.

Our company is dedicated to providing consistent services to our clients and keeps up with the changing market. More people are investing in real estate we need to partner with different real estate companies as they will be able to connect us to our clients. In this case, the real estate companies can be part of our clients as we will act as a third party. However, we have to keep up with our direct links to the clients. We also plan to working with the commercial sector as people are regularly moving from one business space to another. We are offering great opportunities that we can expand to the commercial sector. Our moving trucks are fitted with the latest technology and they can handle different office furniture as well as machines. We also have experienced workers that will handle the furniture with care. The clients in the commercial sector are also demanding which means that we need to customize our services to meet their needs.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy for Heavy Transportation Company is mainly driven by professionalism, quality customer services as well as quality delivery services. Our company is strategically located and we need to maximize the opportunities that are available for us.  We plan to utilize online advertising as our main medium of communication. The company will create a website that will contain the company’s information, such as the services and the products used by the organization.  Our website will also offer our clients and opportunity to give their feedbacks so as to help us in improving our services. We will also use brochures which will send to different corporate organizations.  The brochure will include information concerning our company’s services and how the clients can contact us (Shankar & Carpenter, 2012). Additionally, we will print fliers and business cards that we will give to the people on the streets. We will have individuals who will be tasked with distributing the fliers and we believe that the strategy will assist us in reaching as many potential clients as possible.

Additionally, we will use a billboard that will be strategically placed along busy Bristol streets. We will also use the news papers to advertise our services. However, due to tight budget the company opts to include a small advertisement on the newspaper about our firm and the services we provide. We also plan to utilize the social media platform, we will open pages in every platform and advertise our products. The social media platform is growing as many organizations are using it as an advertisement channel. It will also help us introduce our services to a huge range of clients. Additionally, we will use the referral networks like agencies that will attract customers that require our customized services.  Our advertisement approaches will help in introducing our services to a huge range of clientele.

SWOT Analysis


  • Use of an app that will allow its client have an easy time locating a moving truck
  • Good communication network between the truck drivers and clients
  • Effective marketing strategy
  • Good management skills


  • New company
  • Lack of experienced movers and packers
  • Opportunity
  • Growing market sector
  • Expansion in other parts of UK


  • High competition from old organizations
  • New businesses in the business sector
  • Strict regulations in the transportation sector

Five actions from the SWOT

  • The first factor is that the organization needs to work on its communication Network.
  • The company also needs to work on its management skills so as to grow in the highly competitive market.
  • Additionally, the organization should emphasize on its marketing strategy as it will help in attracting new clients.
  • The company also needs to keep up with the current technology so as to gain competitive advantage.
  • They also need to have highly skilled workers who will assist the company in achieving its goals.
Price      The company is going to provide quality services to our clients at an affordable price. We will offer our services at a standard price so as to achieve competitive advantage.  In most cases, companies are caught up in a dilemma deciding the best prices for their products. At times it can be difficult deciding what price is too much and too little (Richter, 2012). On the other hand, the clients tend to focus on the price and they make their decisions based on it. They mostly link prices to quality , whereby, if a company offers low prices the clients may assume that they are offering low quality services or products. However, if they exceed market prices they would be termed to exaggerate the price. Such clients’ behavior would make a company lose potential clients. Our company is involved in a very competitive sector therefore; we need to maintain standard prices.   
Product      Our transportation products will be produced using quality products. Our paper moving covers will be produced using 100% environmentally friendly products. The products are also protective ensuring that our clients’ furniture are not damaged or scratched. They will have protective pads that will assist in protecting damages at their homes.   Apart from prices, clients also tend to concentrate on the product’s quality (Richter, 2012). The moving company deals with handling customers’ delicate products. Therefore, they need moving materials that will ensure safety transportation of their products. They also need people who would move their products without damaging their homes. Many individuals are also passionate about preserving the environment; therefore, they require products that would minimize environmental pollution. The products need to be recyclable which would minimize the amount of waste. Many organizations are looking for new ways to enhance their service delivery to clients. They are concerned about safeguarding the consumers’ health.  
PlaceThe company will have a physical store where our clients can visit and order our services. The company will also have a website where clients can assess information about our services. They can book for the services through the website.      Many organizations are investing in the online business (Morgenstern, 2010). Customers also enjoy shopping online as it helps in saving time. In the transportation sector the clients do not need to visit the offices as it leads to a lot of time wastage. Rather they need a place where they can book their services at their comfort of their home. The website will fulfill the clients’ needs as they will be able to access our services without visiting our stores. The website is also beneficial to our company as it will help more clients from different areas in the UK to assess our services.   
PromotionThe company targets families moving from one house to another. Additionally, the company targets businesses that are moving from one office to another. Therefore, the company website is the major communication and advertisement channel. We will also use brochures and use newspaper advertisement. Other print medium that we will use include fliers. Moreover, we will use social media platforms to advertise our services.  Our company targets moving families as well as businesses. Therefore, we have to incorporate the use of different advertisement medium (Morgenstern, 2010). The company’s website will help it reach a wide range of clients. It is also easy to asses and use therefore, our clients will be able to assess our services. The use of print medium is also effective as it will allow us to reach many clients. We will give our prospective clients our brochures and fliers containing the organization’s information.  The company will also use the social media platform as it has a huge customer base.  
PeopleThe company targets families moving from one house to another, businesses changing offices therefore, our staffs should be trained on how to handle the particular groups. The company will employ skilled truck drivers. There will  also movers who will be trained on good customer servicesThe reputation of our company rests with the workers. Therefore, we have to employee staffs that are well-trained and motivated. The movers will have great contact with our clients; therefore, they should be well trained.
ProcessThe company will ensure that the goods are well-protected. The truck drivers will be assigned three workers or more who will be tasked with loading and offloading the goods. The workers will be required to take utmost care while handling the goods.The delivery process is important, therefore, the company needs to ensure that they have the right people to oversee the process. The company will ensure that the process works and the right workers are assigned the task.
Physical evidenceThe company’ website will work as its physical evidence. There will also be a physical store where the company trucks will be kept and there will be an office.The website will allow the customers to give reviews about the company’s services. New clients can visit the website to check the reviews. They can as well visit the company’s office.


DEVKI Heavy Transportation Company is a new corporation in the transportation sector. It focuses on changing the industry with its innovation while making the clients’ moving experience fun. Although the company is involved in the moving business, it plans to diversify its operations to include delivery services, transportation of heavy and dangerous goods. It will also participate in the export and import services. The main target markets are families moving from one house to another as well as businesses moving from one office to another. The company plans to use their website as the primary communication network. The website will allow the organization to connect to its clients. Moreover, the company will utilize brochures, newspaper and other print media to advertise its services. Various factors threaten to affect the company’s operations such as strict regulations, bad weather, high demand, cyber crimes and government policies.


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