Ideal Job and how to get it
The following is the requirements for this assignment please follow all these steps :

you’ll need to try two different pre-writing techniques and turn them in to your instructor.

Follow this link for the for the required pre-writing technique

Your topic: What is your ideal job and how will you get it? Think about what steps you need to take in

order to secure such a job. Consider what skills you’ll need to learn and master, what courses you might

take along the way. Discuss what obstacles you’ve already encountered and others you anticipate.

Try two of the prewriting techniques. Complete these both in a single Word document and then upload

that document to be graded using the dropbox. Your document should be 3+ pages, double spaced. Also,

you need to type in Times New Roman or Verdana 12pt. no bold.

Note that this assignment requires you to turn in the prewriting techniques only — not an essay

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