Please read the following case and answer the questions which follow:

Suppose you are a manager at a company with this stated policy. 

“Computers, email, and the Internet are to be used primarily for official company business. Small amounts of personal email can be exchanged with friends and family, and occasional usage of the Internet is permitted, but such usage should be limited and never interfere with your work.”

Ø Company policy says that you should limit personal use of these resources to 10% of the time.

Ø You learn from the IT department that one of your employees has been using more than 50% of the company internet for personal activities on the internet,).

Ø You as the manager are using it for personal use, 20% of the time (you are also over the limit).


1. What is AN ethical dilemma?

2. What is the ethical dilemma in this case?

3. Who is involved and what are the choices?

4. What should you do about this dilemma?

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