Human Resource Management essay

Human Resource Management essay

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Human Resource Management essay 


1.Evaluation of popular Human Resources Management strategies in Large firms and predict What will HRM strategies look like in the future?

2.Evaluation of popular Human Resources Development approaches. What will HRD look like in the future?

3.Describe HRM strategies of a international company and criticism.

(500-700 words each topic, at least 5 references in each essay, 1600-2000 words in total)

Assessment Criteria:

  • Shows understanding of contemporary human resource management thinking, practice and debates;
  • Demonstrates a capacity to develop and justify original ideas and perspectives;
  • Includes a range of original examples in insightful ways;
  • Demonstrates broad, thoughtful reading from both academic and practitioner sources;
  • Critically reflects on personal learning throughout the course;
  • Is well written and professionally presented using appropriate referencing following the APA style.

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