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It is expected that the student will engage in critical post- production discussion and answer fundamental questions with facts and opinions:

The Theatre Performance critique should consider the following:
– Content (what is in the critique)
– Structure (how the paper is organized)
– Usage (conventions of writing and presentation)

Key Question for the Theatre Performance critique:
These question are intended as a guide for writing a Theatre Performance critique.

1/ The world of the play:
– Where does the play take place?
– What is the time and period?
– Who are the major characters in the play?
– What happened in the play?
– What is the conflict in the play?

2/ Theme:
– What was the playwright’s purpose/message?
– What does the play say about life?

3/ Acting
How effective was the acting? Consider either cast in general or outstanding performers.

4/ Directing:
Did all the elements of the production seem to be unified and to fit together? How was this reflected, in particular, in the visual elements—the scenery, costumes and lighting?

5/ The Reviewer:
– How did the play affect you?
– What did you like or dislike about it?
– Would you recommend the play to others?
Using the Theatregoer’s Guide for critique paper.

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