Marketing– Group Task

Marketing– Group Task

Portfolio Task 4:  Marketing– Group Task


All submission of coursework will be online via Turnitin on the module’s Moodle site. Draft submissions can be uploaded to turnitin and similarity reports seen to help improve submissions up to the deadline. If you do not submit by this deadline, marks could be capped or a fail given. Please consult the module handbook for rules and regulations regarding submissions.

The Roehampton Harvard Referencing system should be used for any resources used as part of your research.

Final summative submission for portfolio tasks is 2nd September 2016, 2pm.

Please ensure full names and student numbers of all group members are included in your document. One person in the group will need to take the responsibility of uploading the task for their group onto Turnitin. 

The same business idea used for portfolio tasks 1, 2 and 3 need to be used and continued for this portfolio task


  • Arial. Size 12
  • Word document (not a pdf)
  • 1.5 spacing


Lecture 8 introduced you to marketing, marketing plans and how the marketing mix (the 4Ps and the 7Ps) could be used to drive sales. It would be helpful to review this material, particularly the exercise on building a marketing plan and the exercise on constructing a marketing mix. 

In the lectures you were introduced to the key sections of a marketing plan. In this assessment you are going to develop content under some of the key headings for your proposed business.

The headings are

Marketing objectives

Target Markets

Marketing Mix

Marketing strategies for each target market

Below are some notes to help you with each of these headings.  You should note that for all of the headings it is really important that you explain why you are making the choices you are. Answers that just state what you are doing will not score highly.

Marketing Objectives

How do you intend to position your product in the market?  Is it a luxury or a mass market product?  What are the key brand messages you want to convey to customers e.g. quality, service, low cost, value?

You should make sure that what you write here is consistent with your business description and objectives as stated in assignments 1 and 2.

Word limit: 300 words

Target Markets

What are your target markets and why?  Are you, for instance, targeting young people, people with a particular belief (e.g. green consumers) or is the targeting based on wealth or gender (e.g. luxury clothing for men).  If you are going to be offering products that target all segments in a market then please state why.

Word limit: 300 words

Marketing strategies for each target market

For ONE of your target markets please explain your marketing strategy.  How are you going to communicate with customers in your chosen market segment and why?  What forms of promotion and advertising are you going to use and why?  Do you need to make any specific modifications to the marketing mix to reach the customers in this segment and why?

Word limit: 300 words

Marketing Mix

For each element of the marketing mix describe what your approach is going to be.  You should also explain for each element why your chosen approach is the right one.

You might find it helpful to set up a table like the one below (an example is given for place for a business selling pizzas that are delivered to your door within 15 minutes).

PlaceThe business’s product is going to be sold completely on line via the company’s web site and smart phone app. There will not be a shop customers can visit.      Research shows that many customers will want to order pizzas on their way home so that the food will be waiting for them on their return. Customers will want to be able to order whilst on the move and won’t really want to stop off at a shop on their way home. 

Word limit: 600 words

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