NUR 551 Applied Research Methods

NUR 551 Applied Research Methods


Critical Reasoning

Use quality processes and improvement science to evaluate care and ensure patient safety for individuals and communities. I-6

Analyze information and design systems to sustain improvements and promote transparency using high reliability and just culture principles. III-3

Theory Application

Evaluate outcome data using current communication, technologies, information systems, and statistical principles to develop strategies to reduce risks and improve health outcomes. V-2

Integrate theory, evidence, clinical judgment, research and interprofessional perspectives using translational processes to improve practice and associated health outcomes for patient aggregates. IV-1

Evidence-Based Practice

Articulate to a variety of audiences the evidence base for practice decisions, including the credibility of sources of information and the relevance to the practice problem confronted. IV-3

Interpret research for policy makers and stakeholders. VI-4

Apply the best evidence from nursing and other sciences as the foundation for practice. IX-2

Apply evidence-based knowledge in leading the healthcare teams. IX-11

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