NURS4525 Bachelor Nursing

NURS4525 Bachelor Nursing


Learning Plan Development

You will develop a learning plan as soon as you have met with your preceptor in your first clinical week and have an initial understanding of what your practice will entail. 

You are to also identify 1 Individual/Personal Goal that you will achieve by the end of your 12-week practicum (Personal Learning Goal #3). Your individual learning goal will reflect an area of special interest related to your community aggregate like struggle with time management, Procrastination or critical thinking. Note that your third goal may be flexible and change with new learning or interests. 

Your learning plan needs to be realistic and relevant to your community and the preceptor with whom you are working. Your learning plan identifies what you will learn, how you plan to learn it, the resources to assist you, and the evidence by which you will demonstrate that you have learned what you said you would. 

Each learning goal may involve one or more of the CHNC Standards. The Standards should be included in parentheses in the learning goal column Include in your activities column activities which correspond to goals in the College of Nurses of Ontario Entry to Practice related competencies. 

Learning Evidences

In this column identify what evidence will be available to track your progress towards accomplishment of each activity of each goal. 

Target Dates

Identify tentative target dates when learning evidence are expected to be available.

Part 2


1.What do I need to do? 

Reflect on your practice for week 1. You might consider dividing your praxis paper into segments, such as reflections during preparation for your clinical, recognized applicability during preparation for class, and post-practicum and praxis group reflections.

2.How long should my written Reflective Praxis Paper be? 

Your Praxis Notes should be no longer than 3 type-written pages, i.e. 750 words or you may handwrite them provided you do as legibly and as arranged with Clinical Course Director. You can write them over a period of several weeks. 

3.LEARN format 

Written praxis notes can follow the LEARN format (Look back –Elaborate –Analyze –Revise -New Application of Learning). 

Look Back

Describe what you did, witnessed, considered or explored this week or in a period of 2 weeks. 

Elaborate and Analysis:

·Discuss what has changed for you from your engagement with your community, your preceptor, your team mate(s), your classmates, your CCD, and through your on-going reading of course materials and literature you yourself are collecting. 

·Critically reflect on your clinical practice (i.e., in this practicum). 

·What are your current/emerging thoughts and feelings about your community/setting?

·What is the difference between your former thinking and behaving and your new thinking and imagination of new behaviour?

·What are the most important links for you in this week’s readings, discussions and practicum or praxis groups, what focuses your re-consideration of nursing?


·What is the significance of my learning? (or “so what?) 

·What are the consequences for my nursing practice – will my practice change or will it stay the same?

New Application of Learning

·What am I going to do differently or the same?

·How am I going to apply what I know now to my community nursing experience? 

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