Hist 405N Week 2 quiz


Hist 405N Week 2 quiz

TCO 4) What was the middle passage?

(TCO 4) Which group established good relations with the Indians in order to facilitate trade?

(TCO 4) Beginning with the Sugar Act, colonists objected to taxation by the British because they

(TCO 4) Why did colonists turn to slave labor rather than indentured servants in the late 1600s?

(TCO 1) Women were expected to participate in the political life of the new republic by

(TCO 2) To protest British taxes, colonists often organized boycotts to

(TCO 2) In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson refers to the natural rights due to every citizen as

(TCO 2) The Patriots would not have won the Battle of Yorktown and the American Revolution without help from

(TCO 9) Congress called a convention to revise the Articles of Confederation because

(TCO 1) Which of the following most closely preserved the government of the Articles of Confederation?