Attacks by John Brown on Harper’s Ferry Essay


Attacks by John Brown on Harper’s Ferry

Brown John has been a renowned opponent in slavery movements by colonialists in the United States. He constantly ensured his family and the individuals he could reach would actively involve themselves in anti-slavery movements (Howard 1978). The raiding on the Harper’s Ferry was an effort to fight holders of slaves in the United States. He used the technique of involving both men and women in preparation for raiding so that the colonialists may not realize his aim (Thoreau 2018). Any slavery activity by the colonial powers was highly criticized and abolished under a greater influence by John Brown. I, therefore, think that this man was a hero, more than a terrorist. His activity on the anti-slavery movement influences the critical analysis of his nature of terrorism or heroism.

I perceive the sons of liberty to be more of a liberator than terrorists. I base my argument on their effort to abolish any humiliating activity by the British to the citizens of the United States. They belittled the rule by British and led citizens to deny the rules by the colony to ease the United States’ movement to independence (Lamonde 2019). The sons of liberty defiant to the British rather than collaborating with the colonial rule, which would mean erosion of the American culture and economy. I conclude that this organization was not a terrorist by the criteria that any group or individual that aims at maintaining or improving the state’s policy is considered to be loyal to the state.

The same criteria used to critique the sons of liberty are used to analyze John Brown’s nature. I, therefore, do not change his labels as a hero and a loyal citizen of his country. The sons of liberty and John Brown can be considered patriotic members of the United States working in different ways to ensure the same goal, freedom from the colonialists.  Anyone is called to emulate this role and practice it in their present countries.  The articles I have ready have facilitated me to pose this question: must the colonialists resist realizing the grievances of the colonizing members?


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