Physical Therapy reimbursement issues for Medicare in 2021



–    The paper must be 3-4 pages or 750-1000 words.
–    It must be in MLA format, 12pt- font, doubled space.

–    TOPIC: Physical Therapy reimbursement issues for Medicare in 2021
– You MUST include a works cited page with at least 6 scholarly sources. You should cite sources at least three times in each supporting paragraph.
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–    Make sure the sources are from the online library databases. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as a source. Visit for assistance with citing the sources in the paper.
–    The thesis statement goes at the end of introduction
–    Thesis statement:
Physical Therapy payment reductions are limiting patients’ possibilities to receive proper    therapy since many facilities will be unable to continue in business, and Medicare patients will no longer be accepted, causing even greater harm to the health-care system.
You can follow this questions just as a guidance
1-    What does physical therapy do and why is so important?
2- What are the new rules for reimbursement (payment reduction for patient using the Medicare insurance and receiving physical therapy)?
3-    What will happen if these rules (payment reduction for Physical therapy) are implemented as planned?
4-    Who will be affected and how?
5-    How can you explain how the payment reduction for physical therapy will affect the stability of a business (example: outpatient clinics)?
6-    Explain why:” Medicare patients will no longer be accepted”?
7-    Explain why do you think this regulation can cause a grater harm to the health -care system?