(Solved): Major Factors Influencing Global Trade and Marketing


(Solved): Major Factors Influencing Global Trade and Marketing

Course: BADM 350 Course Title: Principles of Marketing Instructor: Dr. Richard Heiens Title of Paper: Major Factors Influencing Global Trade and Marketing Citations Examples (other articles attached): Kerin, R. and Hartley, S. (2017). Marketing, 13th Edition, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 177-180. Hanisch,B. &Horv;áth & Partners Management Consultants andWald, A. (2011). “A Project Management ResearchFramework Integrating MultipleTheoretical Perspectives andInfluencing Factors.”Project Management Journal, Vol. 42, No. 3, 4–22. Yeniyurt, S., Townsend, J.D.&Talay;, M. B. (2007), “Factors Influencing Brand Launch in a Global Marketplace,”The Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 24, 471–485. 1. Research Report (Literature Review) Each student is required to submit a written research report on a marketing related topic of their choice. Topics must not include specific companies, but should be about generalized marketing theories or methods. All topics must be drawn from material in the text, which should serve as one of at least three primary reference sources (the text must be utilized as a source). Additional sources of material must be obtained from peer-reviewed academic journals only. A total of at least three published (non-internet) sources are required. No Internet sources are allowed! Students are advised to search for academic sources through the Library’s Business Source Premier Database. The report should be neatly typed, well organized, visually appealing, legible, and free of all errors in grammar and spelling. The instructor looks for organization, understanding, originality, depth of coverage, and clarity of exposition. The reports should be a minimum of 10 pages long and should cover the subject adequately. Appropriate in-text references in APA format are required. All reports must be organized through the use of appropriate Headings and must include a Cover Page, a Table of Contents (indicating the page numbers of Headings), and a list of References (all three of which count toward the page requirement). Written reports are to be entered into as a Microsoft Word attachment any time before 8:30 p.m. on Monday, May 22nd – no exceptions. No late papers will be accepted. (Note: Your paper’s overall similarity rating should be under 30%) Research Paper Information (APA Format) 1. Include a cover page and a table of contents (with page numbers). 2. Double space only. 3. Use 12 point font. 4. Number all pages, starting with the cover page as 1. 5. Left justify only. 6. Headings are centered and each heading requires at least two paragraphs. 7. Subheadings (if used) are started at the left margin and are italicized. 8. Citing references in the paper: a. Cite all sources used in the text. For example: i. According to Smith (2016),… ii. It was noted that…(Smith and Jones, 2013). b. Quotes require a citation that includes the page number. For example: i. According to Smith and Jones (2013), “Marketing is fascinating” (p.3). c. Quotes must have quotation marks at the beginning and end of the quote. The exception is a lengthy quote (40 or more words), which is indented within the paragraph. d. Paraphrases require a citation, but not a page number. 9. There are 95 different formats for noting references in an APA reference list. Examples of one common format used in marketing journals: a. Alreck, P. L. & Settle, R.B. (2014), The Survey Research Handbook. Chicago: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.

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