EHS New Strategy Treating Hepatitis B Virus Infection Research PaperSchool


EHS New Strategy Treating Hepatitis B Virus Infection Research PaperSchool

Eastlake High School

Question Description

3 page paper on Hepatitis B, 20 peer reviewed references, 1500 words.


Symptoms or Characteristics -The health outcome was meticulously described including specifics about the prognosis, the biological pathology, latency, and the symptoms associated with the disease. The characteristics of the disease are fully described including critical evaluation of disease transmission, manifestation, and spread.

Person, Place, and Time Factors– The distribution of disease was described on a person level including the relevant epidemiological values. A clear understanding of the geographic distribution of the disease is presented. And there is a historical understanding of the distribution and how it has changed over time. All of these factors are used to describe the disparities related to the distribution.

Web of Causation The macro, micro, and individual levels of causation– There is a complete list of causes in each level and the interconnectedness of the causations is presented through a web of causation. Causal patterns are described in a comprehensive and thorough manner that is supported by relevant and sufficient literature. The causes are related back to the distribution to explain how the causal factors affected distribution.

Control Strategies Summary of the findings and suggestions for future work–and comprehensive. Strategies were clear and reasoned and supported by literature and accompanied by a discussion of previous control techniques. The strategies were shaped by the picture of the disease presented in the first three sections.

Clarity Conclusions are supported by relevant information and ideas– The central purpose of the work is clear and supporting ideas are always well-focused. Details are relevant, and enrich the teams arguments.

Organization and MechanicsThe readability of the work is engaging, clear, and has a complete through line from introduction to conclusion. The writing is professional and scientific. Information is synthesized and summarized rather than listed. The paper is supported by a comprehensive literature review of more than 20 references.