project of ALLphones Arena

project of ALLphones Arena

1. Concept creative/innovative/challenging thematic concept of the project.
• Design concept of the project/program/product (could incorporate with the project image and/or logo)
• Vision/ethos (may be in form of slogan) and/or mission statement
• Introduction/abstract and rationale behind the uniqueness in relation to the concept of sustainable
tourism and recreation planning (preferable with sources of supporting data or references)
• Overall depth of research with unique ideas supporting by market gap analysis for niche target group/s
with evidence of good research work

2. Site Analysis: from basic information given by government authorities/ travel agencies/ fieldwork observation,
integrated with all types of secondary data collection (e.g. libraries/ internet/ research projects/ brochures/
various documents)
• SWOT analysis: photography/conceptual diagrams/graphic presentation, and key points of site selection
analysis including potential attraction assessment
• Map analysis with legends of key venues/proposed areas, transport modes and traffic flow lines (separation
between the existing and the new one/s)
• Justification of planning techniques used/applied in this project
• Relevant tourism stakeholders: conflict of interests among various groups
• Analysis of related legislation framework, if any; e.g. existing laws/regulations.
Part 2: FUTURE PLANS in short/ medium/ long terms (2013, 2015, 2017-2022).

3. Policies: setting preferable policy approaches and strategies based on data analysis and case reviews.

4. Goals: various goals based upon analysed indicators of sustainability (economic, sociocultural, environmental
and management).

5. Objectives: planning for whom? For what specific purposes to achieve those goals mentioned above?

6. ACTIVITIES/ FACILITIES ALLOCATION: Master Plans and Strategies (supporting by both quantitative and qualitative
data collection)
• Conceptual design and planning of attraction resources (Mapping of built/natural/ cultural resources with
clear/understandable legend, scale and direction).
• Rationale and Description of those proposed attraction activities and facilities.
• Marketing strategies, including suggested ideas of public relations campaigns.
8. MONITORING SYSTEM (local/visitor feedback/ future conflicts? What could be the possible step-by-step solutions
in the worst scenarios? Who are representatives of all stakeholders? What frequency of the evaluation timeline?)(
• expected to present in the form of logical ‘process’ diagram of the monitoring system to cross-check all
stakeholders with time control.

• Graphic Design (composition, cover page, headings, sub-heading, figures, clearly analysed maps
andlegends). Easy to read/understand? (report writing style with key statements/words and dotted points, tables,
clear letter size, good page-layout format).
• Overall consistency and logical coherence/linkages of all contents in this proposed project (all items
above) with professional presentation (e.g. font style and size, good/matching colour scheme throughout the
plates/titles/headings, balance mix between texts and images or graphic/symbolic/diagrammatic elements).
• Bibliography, references, and acknowledgement for assistance provided to students by other third parties
should also to be included.