Since I started the module in this university, I have learned different things. Some of the topics were interesting; however, there are others that I did not like. Some of the topics that I enjoyed included, PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis. It was interesting learning about various companies.  I also liked that the module offered us a chance to do research on different organizations. I must admit that at the beginning of the module I was a bit scared as I did not know what I was about to experience. However, the module proved to be interesting as I learned new things from different topics. I also learned new things about my learning style. Initially, I did not have any idea of my learning style. However, I was able to learn during the module; learning refers to the process whereby one attains new information and learns new skills.   

I am a kinesthetic learner, there very many definitions of the particular type of learning style. Nevertheless, the most important meaning is that it involves learning through physical sensation. As a kinesthetic learner, I am active, and I like walking around. Nevertheless, the most important aspect about a kinesthetic learner is that he or she likes writing down notes when the teacher is in class so that they can read it after the lesson (Chen & Chiou, 2014). Personally, I always scribble notes when the teacher is in class. Apart from the teacher’s notes, I have information in regard to the module that I have learned. I typically would go through the notes after class so that I could have a clear understanding. Another important thing is that I liked a teacher who allowed us to take up new projects (Wong, 2014). I enjoyed undertaking on group projects as they offered me a chance to explore my skills and also learn new ones. The teacher would give us directions and materials and allow us to work on the steps. I like taking risks, and I enjoyed projects that were a bit challenging. Some of my classmates would avoid such projects; however, I felt that they helped me grow and attain new skills. However, there are some areas that I found challenging, for instance, the topic on business information system. Many times I sought for assistance; in this case, I was able to get help easily as I enjoy working in a group setting.

As a kinesthetic learner, I have various strengths that have helped me throughout the module. One of my forces is that I like trying new things. I have been involved in projects that allow me to explore the topics that we have learned deeper as well as acquire new things (Ricketts, 2011). For instance, in one of the projects we were required to analyze different aspects of a company. We were supposed to choose the most suitable topic and a company and work on the topic (Wong, 2014). The assignment allowed me to learn more about a real company and the business sector. I was able to apply my research skills, which is another one of my strengths. Additionally, I do not believe in giving up as I concentrate on a single topic until I understand (Chen & Chiou, 2014). I feel that I have to understand one topic fully before I move to another. I am also a good listener, and I like listening what others have to say about an issue. This helped me with my weak areas as I was able to find help from my friends easily.

However, some areas require improvements. For instance, although I am a good listener, I mostly like listening to myself. Many times I may ignore what other people are saying and try to follow what I believe in, an aspect that has made me fail in many areas. I also pay too much attention to detail, and although it might seem like a good aspect, I always tend to miss some point. I need to work on my weakness, for instance, I need to enhance my listening skills. I should attend seminars that will allow me to practice my listening skills. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet and talk to different individuals. I also need to get involved in more group works. During group work, we have different people with diverse opinions. I will ensure that I listen to every individual and execute some of their ideas. I also need to minimize my obsession with perfection. I should try to concentrate on what is right rather than what is perfect as this at times affect my overall performance.


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