Supply Chain And Logistics

Supply Chain And Logistics

Imagine that you are a company engaged in international road transportation. Suppose you carry LTL freights to a few customers located in various countries on the same route that you specify. The vehicle starts to journey from İstanbul, Turkey.

First, try to determine the approximate cost of a trailer trip to the country at the end of your route. You can do internet-based research. After that, set a transportation rate for an FTL vehicle by adding a profit rate that you deem appropriate. Then create unit transportation prices for partial (LTL) loads corresponding to specific tonnage ranges. (As an example, for the freight whose weight is between 1.000 kg and 2.000 kg, your price may be 25 euros per 100kg.)

Currently, loads are waiting to be carried in your warehouse. Information about these loads:

• The total load you have is around three times the vehicle capacity,
• They belong to at least 15 different shippers (i.e., 15 various freights) and cannot be divided while being loaded to the TIR,
• They can be of the type that can be measured with pallet and loadingmeter,
• Some of the loads may occur in the ADR class, and a reasonable extra fee may be charged for them.

Determine the highest revenue for a one-way trip of the TIR by making a combination from the current freights. Be careful not to exceed the capacity of TIR in terms of volume and weight. Find the total income by calculating the revenues of each chosen freight.

Document content to be delivered

• Students can discuss among themselves, but assignments will be prepared individually.
• You need to deliver a report in Word format and a calculation page in Excel format.
• You should make all the calculations in Excel and include the parts you consider necessary in the report (Word). You should describe your case, the steps you followed, and the results in detail.
• First of all, you should prepare a scenario and give details such as the route you will follow, the type, quantity, characteristics, and destination countries of the cargos you have.

Evaluation Criteria

Scenario creation, data collection and resource usage, Word and Excel arrangement (Formulas should be visible in excel calculations), interpretation of the results, and on-time delivery will be taken into consideration.

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